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Okay, I wrote a little fic several months ago for Zoro's birthday, called Masterpiece. This little plot bunny is spawned from that. It's not much, and pretty… blah. Nothing happens, it's just a harmless bit of fluff.

Title: Intrinsic Knowledge
Author: Me!
Fandom: One Piece
Pairing: ZoSan, Luffy-centric
Rating: PG
Word Count: 776
Disclaimer: One Piece isn't mine. Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Usopp and all the rest belong to Eiichiro Oda.
Warnings: Schmoop, sap, fluff, etc. Pointless feel-good, slight Luffy introspection.
Summary: Luffy is smarter than he looks.

Luffy barged into Usopp’s new workshop, the door swinging and banging violently against the wall. )
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Hey guys. Thanks for your patience while I write :/ I tend to not get things done on time (as I'm sure you've noticed!) and I'm several fics behind on my stories. Anyway, here's another one, and I'll hopefully crank out a few more this week. Got more free time on my hands lately… As usual, nothing really happens. Kittens win, though :D This one goes along with the two others that have this adorable new addition to the crew, Darkness and Here, Kitty Kitty Kitty.

Author: Me! :)
Fandom: One Piece
Pairing: ZoSan
Word Count: 1129
Disclaimer: Not mine. The great Oda owns OP.
Warnings: Fluff, schmoop, sap, etc. Cute kitty included! xD
Summary: Having a pet has somewhat… hindered their daily lives. Luffy likes it though.

Sanji pushed the kitten, recently dubbed Tora by their exuberant captain, off of the countertop so he could prepare for dinner. )
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I absolutely -have- to share this little clip :D It's one of the best parts of the Skypeia arc XD Enjoy ^_^

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Okay, here's some slight spoilers for the Thriller Bark arc, because that's where the anime is at, and I just wanted to share ;)


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