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Finally finished watching the Thriller Bark Arc! xD I know, I know, I'm so far behind! I hadn't found time to watch it lately, and last night I suddenly had hours with nothing to do. :D It's amazing, and I ADORE my fandom.


The whole fight with Oz and Moria, the ridiculous awesomeness of this anime. ;) LOVED how, when they were all taking serious damage, Usopp asks if they're okay after almost getting killed by falling pieces of the tower, and they're just like: "thumbs up"

I almost fell outta my chair! :D GOD, I love it. LOVELOVELOVE.

And Zoro and Sanji! Sacrificing themselves! D: Sanji was totally sacrificing himself for Zoro. No doubt. *nods* … ZOSAN PWNS ALL!!!

*Ahem* So much love for this arc. Just… so much.

*toddles off, humming 'Bink's Sake'*

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Hey flist! Just found a few minutes to pop in and say hi! *waves madly, like a very obvious tourist*

Anyway, here's another snippet from me! XD

Title: Of Weddings… and Funerals
Author: Me
Fandom: One Piece
Pairing: I give you ONE guess. Seriously. If it takes you more than one, you need to get to know me better xP
Word Count: 580
Disclaimer: Not mine. These wonderful characters belong to Eiichiro Oda©
Warnings: None, really. My bad attempt at humor.
Summary: The girls jump an unsuspecting Sanji, who then contemplates suicide.

Sanji was ready to kill himself. )
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I absolutely -have- to share this little clip :D It's one of the best parts of the Skypeia arc XD Enjoy ^_^

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Okay, here's some slight spoilers for the Thriller Bark arc, because that's where the anime is at, and I just wanted to share ;)


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