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Um… yeah. Pretty sure this is the first time my icon has been so appropriate.

I was in the basement, sorta half-listening to the TV and doing some reading when my brother flipped over to some random channel in his channel-surfing, and it was something like A&E or Discovery. I can't remember now, but the only reason I remember it in the first place is because he stayed on this channel, which is something he rarely does. Watching TV with him is like sitting on the couch and getting snippets of every single channel we get. He can never make up his mind, and some days that really pisses me off, but most of the time I'm doing something else and don't mind.

Anyway, sorry to ramble. T stayed on this channel for a bit, so words began filtering through to actually reach my brain instead of being white noise, and I heard "art" "famous" and "cheese". My head came up so fast I probably got whiplash.

It was about an "artist", and I use that term quite loosely, who spent his entire life creating works of art out of cheese. And I don't mean he sculpts figurines, or builds statues, or anything like that. No. He takes gallons upon gallons of cheese, melts it down, and filters it through something like a fire-hose, and then proceeds to spray it across all manner of objects to create "art".

T and I were both staring at the TV in disbelief, as the narrator went on and on about this guy's achievements and world renown he's gotten for his work. Here's the conversation I had with my brother.

T: … Come again?
Me: Um…
T: I think… I think he's being applauded on his artwork.
Me: What artwork?
T: Well, he… he…
Me: Did he just coat that entire house in melted cheese?
T: Looks like it. I think people are even paying him to let them watch.
Me: … You're joking.
T: Nope, listen.

We hear the narrator saying just that.

Me: … wtf, world.
T: Heck, if that's art, my stick-figures should fetch a fortune.

So, yeah. Seriously. Cheese? What gives? People are weird.


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