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UGH!!!! I just want to pick up Rodney and throw him against the wall. HARD. (Rodney is laptop, I do not have any little kids around for throwing purposes. That's mean.)

He just… just… gah. The internet has been fluxing on and off all day, and just when I'm ready to do something, he decides that, no, sorry, it's NOT GONNA WORK!!! My dad can usually get on, but whenever I try, forget about it. It's like he knows when I'm gonna do something, and denies me every time. (Only on now because I'm "borrowing" our neighbors internet.)

*fumes* Rodney throws little tantrums like this, and it makes me just want to beat him repeatedly against something really hard. Like cement. Or brick. Something. Geez.

Well, rant done. For now. Can't promise anything for later. At least I didn't have anything really pressing to get done online today. :(

kakairupowns: [Stargate: SG-1] Daniel - Translate THAT (DTranslateThat)
Hey everyone! *waves*

Things have been really hectic for me lately. Working in a retail store around the holidays is a guaranteed way to work a whole shitload, let me tell you >.< Been working my ass off these past few weeks, barely a day off here and there.

But! I didn't come to whine. My entire area suffered through a huge ice storm last Thursday, and we lost power and heat for a few days. Some people are still just getting their power back on. *sigh* Sometimes I really hate my state. Fuckin' weather. Winter is so not my favorite time of year.

Anyway, really miss you guys, and sorry I haven't been posting lately or replying to posts. Love you all and hope the weather's better where you are! :D


P.S. - Will be writing a sequel to 'Masterpiece', for you OP fans who liked that one, and it should be out soon. Not sure when, but most likely before Christmas. xD


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