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Okay, so this one was ganked from luco_millian, ranty_rie, and genuinelie, respectively, over on LJ.

Go to your calendar and post the first sentence of the first entry of every month for this past year. Skip months non-applicable.

January: (Late) New Year's Wishes! …and resolutions for myself.
February: A sort of Anniversary…
March: Personality Test - fairly accurate :)
April: Ah, One Piece. THIS is why you own my soul. <3
May: Writer's block suuuuucks! :(
June: Late, sorry!
July: More procrastinating. XD
August: What a day… ;)
September: Totally alive, I swear.
October: Yeah… stress makes me twitch.
November: A day in my life… well, a morning actually.
December: Meme!~

So, there's a recurring theme, here. I'm usually late for something, or I'm procrastinating, or I'm doing a meme/writing. :D I'm actually slightly surprised that I don't have more, "I'm alive" posts in here. I suppose if I looked at the months in their entirety, then there would be more. XD

Whoever feels like doing this, go right ahead! :) It's fun to look back on '09 and see what went on, I think. *snugs flist*


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