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Meme taken from [personal profile] erisabesu <3~

List the first lines of your last twenty stories. See if you find any patterns.

01. Luffy barged into Usopp’s new workshop, the door swinging and banging violently against the wall.

02. Zoro was taking a nap on the lawn, and slowly stirred awake.

03. Zoro stood at the bow, arms hanging over the railing.

04. “Hah! I’m still taller than you, squirt!”

05. Usopp stuck his tongue out of his mouth in concentration, adjusting his hold on the paintbrush as he added some finishing touches.

06. Sanji’s laugh rang through the crowded bar, barely reaching his ears over the music.

07. Sanji pushed the kitten, recently dubbed Tora by their exhuberant captain, off of the countertop so he could prepare for dinner.

08. Usopp knew it was stupid, but fears were often irrational.

09. Sanji was ready to kill himself.

10. Sanji woke slowly, warm and comfortable despite the fact that they were traveling through a winter span of the Grand Line.

11. Chopper bounced excitedly around on his hooves, jumping from place to place as he decorated the boys’ cabin.

12. There had been a party, of course.

13. Kakashi was home early, and let himself quietly into the house.

14. He sat and stared.

15. Nami had had enough.

16. His eyes were closed; his posture relaxed.

17. Nami walked over to where Zoro was sleeping, humming to herself along the way.

18. Sanji woke up around five in the morning, stretching lazily and blinking as he yawned.

19. “Meow.”

20. Iruka opened his door a crack and poked his head in, quickly looking around.

I tend to start my stories with a character, or a setting. *looks* Yup, pretty much all of them start with a character's name. XD


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